By Mtende Michael and Tracy Okumu

Mombasa, Tuesday 30th, 2017…..Lands and Physical Planning CS Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi has decried lack of knowledge of land laws among land officers. “Land officers must familiarize themselves with the laws in order to serve Kenyans better.” He said.

The lands CS made an impromptu visit to the Mombasa land office at Uhuru na Kazi where he exposed extreme intensities of absenteeism. “It is unacceptable for more than 50 per cent workers not to report to the office on a working day, without good reason,” the CS said. “It means people do not get adequate services. This has to stop.” Lands CS Jacob Kaimenyi found several things amiss when he ambushed Mombasa land office. Almost half the the workers were absent, computers not working and some officers using typewriters. He also found no Internet connectivity, torn seats, receipts poorly stored and officers stationed there for more than six years.

Some of the workers did not have identification badges and did not have copies of Land Laws Amendment Act, 2016 and Community Land Act, 2016, which Kaimenyi said were necessary for work. “We hold land matters in this region seriously and we will not allow lazy individuals to spoil our good track record,” he said

The CS acknowledged the impressive work that the ministry has done affirming that 65% of the title deeds have been collected and further urged those who have not to do so. Upon realising the Lands boss was around, some clients issued direct complaints, which Kaimenyi asked officers to follow up immediately.

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