By Joseph K. Mwangi and Michael Mtende

Nairobi Fri 2nd June… Lands and Physical Planning PS, Dr. Nicholas Muraguri has kick-started issuance of 36,000 title deeds in Kilifi County. “The move is part of the Government’s initiative to fulfill its pledge to issue three million titles by 2017.” Said the lands PS. Dr. Muraguri spoke at the Kilifi County land offices where he addressed his staff.

He said that the government has registered additional three (3) settlement schemes consisting of 3,590 parcels covering 3,954.80 hectares leading to a total of 24,290 parcels registered in 33 settlements schemes covering 102,132.40 hectares in Kilifi County. “The government has declared and finalized additional 18 adjudications sections consisting of 24,964  parcels covering 46,740.28 hectares leading to a total of 51,994 parcels registered in 62 adjudication sections covering 219,627.17 hectares.” Said the Land PS.

He said that digitization of Kilifi Land Registry was near completion since it has hit 85 %. “Plans are underway to digitize the 44 land registries in the next three years.” He said. The lands PS assured the staff that a vehicle would be assigned to the land office to help in both adjudication and survey work to fast-track settlement in the county. Dr. Muraguri said a rapid response initiative would soon be carried out to help improve service delivery a move that will seek promotion of hardworking officers.

The lands PS said that the draft land regulation to effect the new land laws are currently being subjected to public participation, through the constituted task force that investigates the processing of extension and renewal of leases for the last six years. Dr. Muraguri said that Ministry in collaboration with NLC has issued title deeds to 1,000 public schools in 13 counties across the country. “Multi-stakeholder Rapid Response Program will be rolled out in all counties to ensure all schools land is registered.” He added.

The government has so far  issued 2,976 titles in respect of Mwahera ‘A’(227 titles), Mwahera ‘B’(188 titles), Gongoni (705 titles), Kadzonzo/Madzimbani (1125 titles), Madzimbani/ Mitangoni (542 titles), Changombe (106 titles), Malandi/Jilore/Sosobora (5 titles), Pingilikani (14 titles), Mwawesa (612 titles), Vitengeni/ Madamani ‘A’(243 titles), Bureni I (209 titles) Bureni II (37 titles).

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