A meeting of the Joint Technical Committee (JTBC) for the Kenya- Tanzania boundary has officially started at the Mombasa Beach Hotel on May 6th 2017. The Director of Survey, Dr. Cesare Mbaria is at the Head of the Kenyan Delegation while the Tanzanian Delegation is led by Mrs. Elizabeth Mrema. The meeting is a follow up of a Re-affirmation meeting of the International Boundary between the two EAC sister countries, held in Arusha last year.

The technical working group (TWG) now meeting in Mombasa is the one of the Sub-committees of the Joint Technical Committee (JTC) on the Kenya- Tanzania common boundary. The week long meeting will inspect the quality of the aerial photography and lidar data on the common boundary that has been delivered by the approved contractor. The inspection of the quality of photography and lidar is just one of the processes geared towards topographical mapping of the border area. The total length of the Kenya- Tanzania border is approximately 726 kilometers. ” So far, 238 kilometers of the common borders have been covered”, said Mr. Mbaria in his opening remarks.