Officials of the ShuleYangu Alliance Initiative on Friday 21st April 2017 called on Lands Cabinet Secretary Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi at Ardhi House to review progress of the ongoing Titling program for Public Schools. Prof. Kaimenyi said his ministry is committed towards developing a Public Schools Land Protection Policy in partnership with other government agencies and stakeholders.

The ShuleYangu Alliance representative Mr. Houghton Irungu praised Prof. Kaimenyi for his efforts in conjunction with ISK to accelerate the process of titling of Public Schools Land. “The Ministry of Lands, ISK and ShuleYangu Alliance continue to strategize on effective implementation of the County by County surveying program “, he said. The government has already waived all statutory fees on registration and titling of Public School land. The new Lands Permanent Secretary Dr. Nicholas Muraguri praised the initiative saying it would go along way in ensuring public schools land is not stolen by land grabbers.