By Bryanne Onsoti


Nairobi Fri 10th Feb 2017… The Commission on Administrative Justice (CAJ) recently trained members of the Lands Ministry’s Public Complaints and Resolution Committee (PCRC) on effective ways of handling public complaints.

The Committee members were taken through the various aspects of public complaints management, among them effective complaints handling mechanisms as well as procedures and best practices, during a three day training workshop in Naivasha.

Participants re-examined the role of the Office of the Ombudsman and its contributions to Justice, Governance and Public Service.

The PCRC members were also taken through the various steps of promoting Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms (ADR) vis-a-vis complaints management.

In her remarks, the acting CAJ Chairperson, Dr. Regina Mwatha, said the Office of the Ombudsman recognized the complex nature of the land sector and hence the high number of complaints that continue to be lodged against the Lands Ministry.

“The Ombudsman provides a free, informal, accessible and expeditious redress to citizens for routine administrative injustices.” Said Dr. Mwatha

She said that The Ombudsman’s office conducts systemic investigations on complaints that relate to inherent structural and procedural weaknesses in public administration

Dr. Mwatha said the CAJ will continue to work closely with the PCRC in a bid to help it to solve the many land complaints facing the ministry.

“The Ombudsman ensures that public institutions and officers operate within the law and respect the rights of citizens.” She said.

Lands PS Arch. Mariamu el Maawy was represented at the workshop by the Ag. Chief Land Registrar, Ms. Jane Ndiba.

Ms. Ndiba said that it was important to train the complaints team in order to redress citizen’s grievances