By Bryanne Onsoti

Nairobi Fri 9th Dec… Land and Physical Planning Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi has said 13 registries will be digitized by the end of the year. Prof. Kaimenyi said that this will seal loopholes associated with the manual system of keeping land records.

”The digitization of land records is aimed at enhancing efficiency, taming corruption and eliminating cases of missing records.” Said the Lands CS

Prof. Kaimenyi spoke during the Land Administration Workshop organized by the Esri EA held at a Nairobi hotel.

He said that the workshop is directly in line with the Ministry’s mission of; facilitating efficient land administration and management, access to adequate and affordable housing, social and physical infrastructure for national development.

“Since technology has been developing so fast and making our work easier by the day we can be a world class institution that serves its citizens sufficiently with real time up to date information about land and related resources.” Said the Lands CS.

Prof. Kaimenyi said that efficient and effective administration of land and its associated resources depends upon the availability of good land information.

“The advent of computerized databases and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology provides an opportunity to develop a great understanding of how land markets work and how land may be more efficiently and effectively managed.” Said Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi.

Also In attendance was Lands PS Arch. Mariamu el Maawy and Managing Director of Esri EA Mr. Judah arap Bett.