By Bryanne Onsoti and Winnie Owidi

Nairobi 25th November 2016…Land CS Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi has said that the ongoing land reforms will empower citizens in areas with land injustices and extractive activities to make informed decisions concerning land and sustainable exploitation of minerals. The Lands CS said that the Government is in the process of sensitizing land owners on their land rights.

“Article 62 of the Constitution of Kenya provides that all mineral land belongs to the National Government and the people of Kenya, “said the Lands CS

Prof. Kaimenyi spoke at a Land and Mining Rights conference at a Nairobi Hotel.

Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi said the Government would facilitate Taita Taveta county mining activities

“My Ministry has been implementing land reforms geared towards equitable access and use of land resource in a sustainable manner.” He said.

The Land CS said that in implementing the land reforms, his Ministry will continue to engage its stakeholders.

Also in attendance was Ms. Majala Mlagui, the Director of Thamani Trust and the Chairman of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Foundation (FES) Mr. Titus Kaloki.