●The matter of Hydrographic Surveys cuts across Government Ministries.

●The focus of cooperation between Kenya and India is in building capacity in the Maritime and Shipping Industry.

●Kenya and India have cooperated in the area of Hydrography with India carrying out demonstration hydrographic surveys at the Kenyan coastal waters.

●India proposed a MOU on Cooperation in Hydrography and Protocol on Sale of Navigational Charts for consideration by Kenya.

●Kenya is in the process of reviewing the MoU and draft protocol.

●Kenya has developed capacity in Hydrograhy field and has vessels and equipment but is not able to develop navigational charts.

●It is recommended that Kenya joins the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) as a member, which will enable it produce its own charts.

● Kenya is an associate member of the IHO regional body, the Southern Africa  and Islands Hydrographic Commission (SAIHC).

●There is an operational Kenya National Hydrographic and Oceanographic Committee (KeNHOC) that meets regularly Chaired by the Director of Surveys.

●There is an existing Hydrographic Surveys Division at Survey of Kenya, which is the Secretariat to KeNHOC and the custodian of hydrographic surveys and charts.

●KeNHOC will have a special meeting by 31st  January 2017 to discuss the MOU on Hydrographic Surveys between Kenya and India.


1) Kenya has a Survey Vessel, RV Mtafiti, for deep sea hydrographic and Oceanographic activities.

2) Implementation of the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) convention is the responsibility of a coastal state like Kenya.

3) There is a regulator, Kenya Maritime Authority (KMA), which administers the Merchant Shipping Act, 2009 which domesticates the United Nations Convention on Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS)

4) There is an existing MOU with United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) of 2009 and UKHO is the primary producer of Kenyan Charts.

5) The IMO mock audit of 2014 found that Kenya meet her international obligation on matters of hydrography as stipulated in SOLAS Chapter V paragraph 9 and 4

6) Kenya is at an advanced stage in procuring Survey Vessel with equipment capable of fulfilling her  hydrographic surveys obligations as a Coastal State

7) Kenya has internationally trained  and will continuously train hydrographers in both Category ‘A’ and ‘B’

8) There exist a cabinet memo on ascendance to IHO full membership

9) The instruments of membership are with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade for action since the year 2012 and there was another  follow up by the Cabinet Secretary MLHUD in February 2016