Marsabit County graced an historic event which saw 1600 titles given to Jirime residents. Marsabit governor Mr. Ukur Yattani who welcomed the Principal Secretary, Lands Ms. Mariamu el Maawy to the county said that land which was considered communal can now be owned by individuals opposed to previous years where only a handful people had titles in the vast county. He urged the residents to focus on the future, “you should not always complain, we will not allow the rule of the jungle, where one incites others”. He added.

The deputy governor Mr Omar Abdi urged the residents to work closely with the surveyors and adjudication officers, he further advised them to use their certificates to secure loans for development purposes. Marsabit Lands Secretary Ms. Yasmin said that devolution triggered challenges and requested for an Ardhi house be established in the region as cases were being referred to Isiolo and Moyale, she also requested for more registration officers.

Lands Principal Secretary who was representing the Cabinet Secretary Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi lauded the County for making commendable progress despite the numerous challenges. She said that registration offices will be established as resources were available and about 40 registration officers who have undergone training will be posted in February. She assured the residents that the titles were genuine and will be issued impartially. She also promised the residents that the National government in conjunction with the county government will work tirelessly to ensure other areas aside from Jirime get titles.